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What is Rreverse Circulation Drilling
Time:2021-03-04 16:10:42From:This Site
Reverse circulation drilling, or RC drilling, is a form of percussion drilling that uses compressed air to flush material cuttings out of the drill hole in a safe and efficient manner.
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How-To: Conduct Underground Drilling and Blasting
Time:2019-12-02 15:22:01From:This Site
The process of underground drilling and blasting is one of the most visually stimulating aspects of mining. It’s also one of the most dangerous. The Australian Centre for Geomechanics (ACG) has developed a training and safety guide for miners to prop
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Two well-known companies in the industry will achieve automatic blasting in 2020
Time:2019-11-15 15:04:22From:This Site
There are two famous companies are joining forces to develop a semi-automated explosives delivery system, enabling safer and more productive blasting operations in underground mines.
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New technologies to accelerate Australian mining industry
Time:2019-10-31 09:24:56From:This Site
The adoption of digital automation technologies in the mining industry has the potential to add US$74 billion in value to the Australian economy by 2030 and create more than 80 000 new jobs.These are some of the key findings from the Staying ahead of the
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New blast hole management system
Time:2019-10-28 09:55:28From:This Site
One of a global leader in commercial explosives launches ΔE2 blast hole management system.
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Time:2018-06-21 16:20:38From:This Site
Drilling holes may seem easy in theory, but as a long-term veteran of the extractive industry explains, there are several factors that determine both productivity and quality control.
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