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Self Drilling Anchor system(SDA) soil nails R25 to R51N
Time:2022-07-01 13:34:57From:This Site
Soil nailing is a construction method used to maintain or increase the stability of soils by installing reinforcing elements (nails) according to the principles for the execution of geotechnical works. The soil reinforced with nails forms a supporting str
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Advantages of Self Drilling Anchor (SDA/IBO) Systems
Time:2022-06-24 14:43:38From:This Site
Advantages of Self Drilling Anchor (SDA/IBO) Systems:Quick rates of installation by combining drilling, insertion and grouting in one single operation.
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The Corrosion protection for Self Drilling Anchor System
Time:2022-06-17 15:52:35From:This Site
Self drilling system (SDA/IBO) with hot-dip galvanized system according to EN ISO
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Why the total elongation is so important in self drilling anchor bolt
Time:2022-06-10 14:48:18From:This Site
For the sake of safety, the minimum number of 5% Agt is required for all Slef Drilling Anchor bars. Sinodrills guarantees minimum 6% in Agt.
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Application of T thread self drilling anchor bar
Time:2022-06-02 17:05:03From:This Site
Hollow steel tendons with the SINODRILLS T thread are used when the bond behavior is critical for the level of safety required.
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SINODRILLS SDA rock nails R thread anchor bars
Time:2022-05-26 15:02:00From:This Site
self-drilling anchor system increase the load-bearing capacity of the entire structure and act as a group of elements, withstanding tensile and shear forces acting on the self drilling anchor system.
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Self drilling anchor system used as Micropile
Time:2022-05-20 15:40:39From:This Site
Self Drilling anchor system use a hollow thread bar with a sacrificial drill bit which is drilled into the ground using grout as a flushing medium. This results in a grout body within the ground containing a high tensile steel bar.
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Self drilling anchor tools used as Rock and Soil Nail
Time:2022-05-12 14:52:29From:This Site
Soil nailing is a construction technique generally used for the stabilization of naturally unstable slopes or securing of over-steepened existing slopes, as well as the stabilization of retaining walls or embankments. For underground applications, soil na
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Main application of self drilling anchor
Time:2022-05-05 15:21:35From:This Site
Self drilling anchor bolts are short, low capacity reinforcement, comprising a bar fixed into the rock and, if required, tensioned to a predetermined load.
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Self Drilling Anchor Umbrella System
Time:2022-04-29 09:38:35From:This Site
Self Drilling Anchor Umbrella System is a pre-support measure used in weak ground conditions in conventional as well as mechanized Tunneling. Pipe umbrella pipes increase the stability in the working area by transferring loads in the longitudinal directio
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Why choose Self-Drilling Anchor system
Time:2022-04-20 14:10:55From:This Site
Self-Drilling Anchor (SDA) system is the application of a single-use drill bit in combination with the rock bolt being used as a drill steel. The rock bolt is connected to the hydraulic rock drill by an adapter device and installed in the way a convention
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Installation and advantages of Self-drilling anchor system
Time:2022-04-13 13:48:58From:This Site
Self-drilling installation may be accomplished either manually or semi-automated, depending on the available drilling machinery.
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Self Drilling Anchor System used in civil Engineering and underground construction
Time:2022-04-07 15:36:43From:This Site
SINODRILLS drill hollow bar system is a self-drilling ground control solution used in civil Engineering and underground construction. It features a wide range of applications such as soil nails, micro-piles, rock bolts, or ground anchors. Installations in
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The composition and application of self-drilling anchoring drilling tools
Time:2022-03-31 11:01:58From:This Site
Self drilling anchor system can be used for underground applications and in civil engineering.
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Different application of self-drilling anchor tools from R25 to T111
Time:2022-03-21 15:33:29From:This Site
Self drilling anchor bars with cold-rolled rope or trapezoidal threads, extendable to any length using couplers and fitted with drill bits, have been used as drill rods in various soils. Grouted with cement grout, they can remain in the ground as stabili
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