Care for employees, Care for Health-Guizhou SINODRILLS Health Examination in 2018.
Time:2018-11-30 09:49:15From:This Site

Guizhou SINODRILLS has been adhering to the people-oriented business philosophy and taking good care of the health of every SINODRILLS staff all the time. As part of the welfare system in the company, we have organized all our staff to carry out annual physical examinations in professional institutions recently.

We not only arranges basic health examination, blood examination, occupational disease examination and other routine items, but also arranges several specific physical examination items for employees in accordance with the actual situation of the company this year. The annual physical examination is designed to enable every SINODRILLS staff to keep abreast of his or her health, to enhance his or her health awareness, and to share the achievements achieved by the company with all SINODRILLS staff.

Guizhou SINODRILLS will continue to put the care for employees into practice, adhere to the business philosophy with "common creation, and common sharing" so as to create a healthy and harmonious SINODRILLS family.