Fascinating scenery in Dali, infinite vitality in Sinodrills
Time:2018-11-26 14:25:37From:This Site

To celebrate our record-breaking half-year sales performance in 2018, a three-day excursion was organized for our sales team from August 4th to 6th, which is also a very important part of our corporate culture.

The trip destination was Dali, a famous tourist resort in Yunnan province. There are four wonders to represent Dali, shortened as” Xiaguan’s wind”, “Shangguan’s flowers”, “Cangshan Mountain’s snow “and “Erhai Lake’s moon reflection”. In Dali, Mt. Cangshan sits above Lake Erhai where the green is mirrored by the blue. Benefiting from such a unique astonishing natural landscape, it is also well known as “ Oriental Gevena”.

We cruised in Lake Erhai and hiked on Mt. Cangshan. We enjoyed beautiful scenery in daytime and tasted delicious food at night. The three days’ tour not only relieved us from work pressure, but also built up our team cohesion. More significantly it inspired all of us to devote more enthusiasm into our work in the second half year with a motivation to achieve a greater glory.