Guizhou Sinodrills’ Fully-carburized Taper Drill Rod
Time:2019-07-02 15:07:50From:This Site

The new-generation GSE taper drill rod of Guihou SINODRILLS has added the full carburization technology into its production process. By heating the drill rod in the carbonic materials under high temperature, the carbon atoms are diffused to the drill rod surface, to level up the surface carbon content of the rod. The drill rod produced by this technology not only has a harder surface but also maintains the basically-unchanged tenacity and ductility.

The new-generation “GSE Fully-carburized Taper Drill Rod”, on the original basis, has increased the surface hardness of the rod body sharply and promoted the abrasive resistance of the product. This means that the drill rod not only bears stricter drilling requirements but also lowers down the drilling cost. With the excellent quality and overlong service life, GSE Fully-carburized Taper Drill Rod will provide higher performance and productivity to your drilling work.

GSE Fully-carburized Taper Drill Rod’s advantages:

  • The service life extension has leveled up the overall work efficiency
  • The abrasive resistance promotion has lowered down the overall drilling cost
  • The specification diversification has leveled up the product matching attribute