Retract Thread Cross Bits

Retract thread cross bitRetract thread cross bits are usually used for very hard and abrasive rock formation.Thread size: R32, R35, R38, T38, T45, T51.Diameter: 38mm to 127mm.

SINODRILLS Retract Threaded Cross Bits

Threaded cross bits or threaded X bits are usually used for very hard and abrasive rock formation.


• Thread size: R38, T38

• Head diameters: 64mm ~ 76mm;


• Alloy buttons are hot mounted into the drill bit, ensuring the bit good accuracy and durability;

• Reliability ensured by premium drill bit materials and premium alloy button;

• Different types designed for different drilling scenarios and rock conditions;

• High speed and drilling efficiency;

• Cost-effective, good performance with reasonable price.


Drilling works for blasting duties in tunneling, construction, mining, quarrying, etc.

Retract skirt

For drilling in loose, broken or fissured rock where it is difficult to retract the drill string due to the hole collapse.

R/T38 Retract Threaded Cross Bits

R/T38 Retract Cross Bits, Retract Skirt

Diameter: 64-76mm

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