Congratulations on the Success of SINODRILLS Overseas Trademark Registration
Time:2022-10-09 16:10:57From:This Site

After more than a year of preparation, review and publicity, recently our company officially obtained the 6-class and 7-class trademark registration certificates issued by the corresponding departments of Peru, Chile, Mexico and Colombia.

Mexico trademark Certificate                                                          Peru trademark Certificate

Since its establishment 20 years ago, the company Guizhou Sinodrills Equipment Co., Ltd. has been continuously improving its competitiveness and brand image. While the overseas market share is increasing year by year, the "SINODRILLS" brand has also become the first choice of more and more overseas customers. The successful trademark registration of our company overseas not only allows the "SINODRILLS" brand to get strong protection from the corresponding countries, but also marks an important milestone in our company's brand building.

Colombian trademark Certificate                                                         Chile trademark Certificate

In the future, we will continue to activate the brand potential, keep continuous independent innovation, enhance the brand value with good product quality and strive to provide customers with better products and services.