Salute to “She-power” in Guizhou Sinodrills Equipment Co., Ltd.
Time:2022-03-08 10:41:27From:This Site

The earth revives and the bygone days send odes to woman. In order to celebrate the 2022 International Women’s Day and enrich female employees’ spiritual and recreational life, our company has specially arranged a series of colorful activities that all female employees in the company can have a happy, warm and significant holiday. At the same time, we also send blessings to all female workers and female family members of all employees.

“Born as a summer flower and living as brave as Mulan”. No matter what roles women play and where they live, they have demonstrated responsibility and commitment with their own contributions. Soft shoulders carry heavy responsibilities and women take their roles. With hard sweat and unremitting struggle, women “hold up half the sky” in their careers and families, and make their own extraordinary achievements. 

On the occasion of this holiday, we would like to deliver our gratitude to each female compatriot for your contributions and wish you all a happy holiday!