Boundless love, joint efforts to battle the pandemic
Time:2020-07-16 11:22:40From:This Site

Amid the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, our company received many greetings and wishes from overseas clients for deep solicitude. They also actively offered epidemic prevention materials to our company to help us battle the pandemic. Through joint efforts over the past almost two months, the situation of pandemic in China is basically under control. However, it has spread throughout the world. In view of serious overseas pandemic situation, our company helps worldwide cooperative partners within our power when self-prevention and control activities against the pandemic have been taken, in order to make contributions to combating the pandemic.  




As of late June, 2020, our company has offered more than 60,000 masks to clients located in over 40 countries and areas. The Chinese often say, “Distance cannot separate true friends who remain close even when thousands of miles apart.” SINODRILLS has kept close communications with our all cooperative partners with care and mutual support. We have established deep friendship surpassing the field of trades. We are willing to provide support within our power to all cooperative partners for solidarity against the pandemic.