A Good Journey to the "God Residence", Join Together to Create a New High
Time:2019-08-26 16:21:55From:This Site

Many of our clients enjoy a summer vacation every August and September, while it is also the annual travel season of SINODRILLS. On August 17, 2019, our company organized a four-day trip to Lugu Lake to thank all the staff for the hard work in the past half year, as well as share the joy of harvest with each employee.

Lugu Lake is like a pearl inlaid in the embrace of the mountains. On sunny days, blue sky and white clouds are reflected in the lake, with the water and the sky merging in one color, which constitutes wonderful sceneries. Due to the beautiful natural scenery and peculiar ethnic customs, the place is called "God Residence" by the explorer Joseph Charles Francis Rock.

During the four days and three nights, everyone was indulged in the landscape, not only experienced the beautiful scenery, enjoyed the joy and relaxation of tourism, but also enhanced mutual understanding, comprehending and friendship. We believe that this short break will inspire us to dedicate ourselves to the work of the second half of the year in a more active and full-fledged state, and constantly break through and create higher performance.