Care the Employees, Enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival
Time:2019-06-10 15:11:14From:This Site

On the occasion of Dragon Boat Festival, Guizhou SINODRILLS in order to thanks for the hardworking of the overall employees, has inherited the operation philosophy of Putting People First, undertaken the unified arrangement, and carefully prepared the heartwarming welfare to the overall employees. 


Guizhou Sinodrills has devoted itself to build up an enterprise that the employee would feel proud of, happy and belonging. On the occasion of such a festival, we’re offering such a present to you. On the occasion of Dragon Boat Festival, we’re sending the best wishes to every employee. The fragrant sticky rice inside the reed leaves not only makes people sense the festival atmosphere but also delivers the appreciations and feelings of the company to every employee.

Guizhou Sinodrills will continue to persist in the operation principle of “Create Together, Share Together” and create a healthy and harmonious Sinodrills family.