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New appearance, new style
Time:2018-08-17 15:34:56From:This Site
To further enhance the enterprise image, show the spiritual outlook of all staffs, SINODRILLS custom-made new uniform for all company members. Beautiful scenery can be seen in our office, it made by the decent uniform and confident smile from each member.
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Touring the most beautiful Jiuzaigou with SINODRILLS
Time:2017-10-20 17:21:01From:This Site
The tourist activity has always been part of the corporate culture of SINODRILLS, it not only enhances the sense of belonging of the employees, but also reflects the companys humanistic atmosphere, and it now becomes one of the most important activities
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Six Patents Filed Successfully
Time:2016-10-21 16:03:44From:This Site
Sinodrills had taken out six patents issued by China’s State Intellectual Property Office, showing our breakthrough in the field of R&D and innovation.
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New Color, New Start
Time:2016-10-21 11:11:40From:This Site
In order to improve products identity and user experience, Sinodrills unifies the color of Top-hammer drilling tools, DTH drilling tools, and SDA drilling tools since 2016.
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Treat people with sincerity and manage enterprise with credibility
Time:2016-10-11 11:10:04From:This Site
Recently, Sinodrills was entitled as Honoring Contract and Keeping Promise Enterprise again by Guiyang Industrial and Commercial Bureau,a great honor retained for several consecutive years.
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Sinodrills Rated 3AA2 by Dun & Bradstreet
Time:2016-09-08 15:20:58From:This Site
After a series of strict examinations and verifications for half a month, Dun & Bradstreet upgraded Guizhou Sinodrills’ credit rating from previous 2A2 to 3AA2, which marks the company’s strength and credibility step into a new stage.
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Registered Capital Added to RMB10,000,000
Time:2016-08-29 16:23:44From:This Site
The company’s registered capital has been added to RMB10,000,000 from previous RMB3,000,000, and all related work has been finished successfully.
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Balance Work and Leisure March Forward In Torrent
Time:2016-08-17 10:43:28From:This Site
Since its inception, SINODRILLS sticks to humanized management and employee care, which is always an inseparable part of our enterprise culture. Organizing annual travel not only reflects this, but also pulls the staff closer
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New Taper Button Bits Successfully Developed
Time:2015-03-31 16:35:55From:This Site
After more than two years process of modification and repeated tests, we now successfully develop a new kind of tapered button bits.
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New Catalogues Released
Time:2015-03-30 15:38:01From:This Site
In order to clearly show our products to our customers in a more professional way, SINODRILLS had thoroughly upgraded all the existing product catalogues by the end of 2014.
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BEC Training for Better Services
Time:2014-09-29 10:41:06From:This Site
Employees are always regarded as our most precious wealth and one of our core competitiveness. To ensure every SINODRILLER can makes better performance on their post, we have been continuously providing various regular trainings.
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Better than better
Time:2014-09-22 15:43:04From:This Site
Guizhou Sinodrills Equipment Co., LTD, hereinafter in the abbreviation of SINODRILLS, is an export-oriented corporation specialize in the research, production and sale of Rock Drilling Tools.
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Proper relaxation leads to further climbing up
Time:2014-09-17 15:47:12From:This Site
In spite of the global drilling industry continues slowing down, our sales volume increased by 45% in the first half of 2014 over the same period in 2013.
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CE Certification for Self-drilling Anchor System
Time:2014-08-13 16:42:12From:This Site
After many strict tests had been passed in UK, SINODRILLS Self-drilling anchoring tools were certified with CE in May, 2014.
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